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Welcome to the HELIX Documentation site!

HELIX is an Open-World Multiplayer Sandbox game.
As a player, you can hop between thousands of immersive worlds, games, and experiences.
As a developer, you can create your own games and virtual worlds using our extensive scripting API and creation tools.

Here you will learn how to create your own world, items and assets.

Starting Out

Start now creating content for HELIX!

📌 Introductiongetting-started/Introduction_start_here🏁 Scripting Quick Startgetting-started/quick-start📽️ Video Tutorialsgetting-started/video-tutorials💻 Server Installationcore-concepts/server-manual/server-installation📦 Packages Guidecore-concepts/packages/packages-guide📚 Classes Guidecore-concepts/scripting/classes-guide